The Expanding Circle of Gratitude

 Lisa Ryan Grategy - Gratitude“As I express my gratitude, I become more deeply aware of it.  And the greater my awareness, the greater my need to express it.  What happens here is a spiraling ascent, a process of growth in ever expanding circles around a steady center.” David Steindl-Rast    

A long-time Gratitude Thought for the Week reader, shares how her gratitude practice gave her the strength her to deal with a very difficult situation, “Our son took a horrible drunken fall, resulting in traumatic brain injuries, aspirated vomit, and time in the ICU. He was on life support for three weeks, and then spent two weeks in rehab to relearn everything.

“We were blown away by the choices he was making in his private life. However, had it not been FOR the accident, we would have never known of the things he was getting into. He surely would have died (and nearly did in the hospital). We are grateful we found out; grateful he survived and is pretty much fully in tact; and grateful for his straight A’s and razor-focus performance in college. Although he still has some thought process issues, impulsivity, lack of smell, few friends, and mood issues, we know in our hearts that he is a walking miracle.”

As it is practice of gratitude that builds your “gratitude muscle” and gives you the ability to find gratefulness one life hands you a challenge. When you consciously look for people, events, and circumstances to appreciate, your life positively changes on every level.
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PS – Start today, with whatever you have and where ever you are. If you are finding it difficult to find things in your life to be thankful for, it’s even more important that you do so.

You can easily start your practice with Think You Notes: Your 30 Days of Gratitude Challenge, now available on Kindle.   (You don’t need to own a Kindle to read a Kindle book. Simply download the fre*e app and you’ll be good to go.)

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