The Advantages of Having Another Day

Lisa Ryan Chief Appreciation Strategist at Grategy lady bugHuman felicity is produced not as much by great pieces of good fortune that seldom happen as by little advantages that occur every day.”  Benjamin Franklin     

By now, I’m sure you realize the importance that I place on the daily practice of gratitude, though journaling. It takes less than five minutes a day and yet this simple practices makes the other twenty-three hours and fifty-five minutes so much better.  I love to hear when readers share with me what has happened since they started their journey into daily appreciation.  Here are just a few samples:

“Over these years, your words helped me through my own times when finding gratitude was such a struggle.  Now I easily see images of gratitude daily.”  Marguerite

I have always been a positive person but sharing a practice of gratitude with you each day has taken my attitude for gratitude to the next level. Even more positive things are beginning to happen and not just for me but for others in my life. Thank you.” Cynthia

“Even when I feel down and under the weather, I try to be more appreciative of the other person.  A steady diet of gratitude makes for a fuller life.” Nancy

I particularly like Nancy’s way of phrasing it.  While “diet” is certainly not my favorite word when it comes to watching what I eat, a “diet of gratitude” sounds like something that we can all live with!


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