Top Three Employee Engagement and Retention Articles for the week of October 10, 2016

1505382-top-3 Lisa Ryan Employee engagementHere are my top picks for employee engagement ideas this week:

Korn Ferry Hay Group Research Proves Employee Engagement Drops During Organizational Change

 (Digital Journal) “Make sure you know who your high performers and high potentials are, then think about proactively engaging them. This is especially true for new hires, who may have signed up to work for a very different organization from the one it’s about to become.”

My Thoughts:  Like with everything else in creating a high level of employee engagement, communication is key.

Are you a good boss? Answer these 5 questions

(Seattle Times) “Recognizing great work means providing recognition and rewards that reinforce positive behavior, increase employees’ sense of progress and keep them motivated.”

My Thoughts:  Most managers believe they are a better boss than they actually are. This article cuts through the BS and gets to the heart of good leadership.

Man’s Search for Meaning is the Key to Employee Engagement

(LinkedIn) “Work has unfortunately become a problem-solving agent rather than a joyous journey. When did you last ask your team to enjoy the processes that allow them to achieve results? If your people do not enjoy the methods, tools, resources and systems available at their disposal, the path to amazing results and engagement remains blocked.

My thoughts:  The author makes some good points. Although I disagree with her thoughts on bringing in “motivational speakers,” I do believe that bringing in someone whom the employees don’t see every day can make a difference.


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