Smile – and the World Smiles With You

Lisa Ryan - Grategy - Big smile“A smile is a curve that sets everything straight.” Anonymous 

Does a smile really make that much of a difference?  Donna thinks so…

“I’m really a happy person so I don’t even think about it but so many times people will tell me later that my warm greeting and/or smile were just what they needed when they were having a bad day. Even the guy who put the new brakes on my car commented “Are you always so cheerful?” He said I have always been an inspiration to him because of my positive attitude.  What a great way to start off any morning!”

By sharing her optimism with others, Donna feels as good as the people she inspires with her smiles.  We create a virtuous cycle of positivity simply by offering an affirmative word, a kind gesture or a radiant smile.  It takes no extra time or money, yet it can make someone’s day.

You have no idea what that person went through five minutes before you came into contact with him or her.  Why not make each of your interactions as upbeat as possible.  You’ll both feel better than you did before.

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Think about a time that someone’s smile made your day.  Now – THANK about that same time.

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