Never lose the childlike wonder

IMG 1056 e1594930483249Halloween is my favorite holiday. I like it so much that I actually got married (the first time) on Halloween thirty-two years ago today. Yes, we had a costume party for our reception, and yes, I was a bride – of Frankenstein!

Thinking about Halloween costumes of my past, they include a mime, “Zima Princess Warrior,” an aging 80’s rockstar’s biggest fan, “Holy Guacamole,” “Thing Two (from Cat in the Hat), and many more. It’s fun to dress up, get into character, and hang around with other people and their very creative ideas for costumes. We have to spend every day in “reality,” so why not take a day off once in a while?!!!

I’m grateful for the childlike wonder of today and the kids that will make it out tonight in the cold and rain to share a little Halloween joy for the small price of some candy. If you haven’t dressed up and celebrated Halloween for awhile, why not try it?


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