Manufacturing Engagement – Create strong relationships with your employees.

business people with thumbs upYour employees want you to see them as more than an employee ID number. Keep it simple. Find out what they like. Cat people? Dog people? Favorite sports teams? Hobbies? Learn what they value, and they will value you.

One icebreaker you can use is “Two Truths and a Lie.” Here’s how it works: Break into groups of up to eight people. Have everyone write down three statements, two of which are true, and one is a lie. Each person takes a turn reading their comments. The others in the group try to guess which one is the lie. The reader does not fess up until everyone has guessed. Keep track of how many people each person fools.

While working with a restaurant chain, we discovered that two of their kitchen managers had cooked for two different Presidents of the United States. Even the company owners did not know this. How cool is that?

Action Ideas:

1. Use short icebreakers to add interest to your meetings.
2. Organize activities that allow employees to spend time together as a group outside of work.
3. Recognize your employees’ achievements as they happen. Don’t wait to acknowledge good work.

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