Life isn’t about learning to weather the storms, life is about learning to dance in the rain.

lightning 1056419 640“Life isn’t about learning to weather the storms, life is about learning to dance in the rain” Anonymous

We handle the storms in our lives in a variety of ways. You can stay inside (hide), use an umbrella (deal with it), or dance in the rain (triumph).

Sandy shared her story of how she turned a potential tragedy into triumph, “I had to retire due to Fibromyalgia and chronic pain. Once I got over the anger, sadness, and depression, I discovered a whole new me. I’ve published three books and am writing another one. I am happier than I’ve ever been.

“Because of my chronic pain, I became a Coach and started facilitating a support group for others dealing with pain. I still deal with pain every day, but it’s so much better because I am living without stress and loving what I’m doing. My Fibro turned into a blessing for me, and once I embraced that, I began to heal.”

If there is a storm you are currently going through, how can you learn to dance in the rain? Come up with one idea, even if it’s just a baby step, and take action today.

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PS – Why just dance in the rain when you can SING in the rain too? Make it an awesome day!

PPS – Here’s a short video I made with the view of my front yard from my living room. The deer are messy and destructive – but I still really enjoy watching them!

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