Just a Place to Lay Your Head, by Guest Blogger and Friend, Ted Janusz

Buckingham Palace Lisa Ryan GrategyMy mother and sister were in town two weeks ago so, because he has a large house, my younger brother’s place is where we chose to have the family gathering.

As we entered his development and drove past the nicely manicured lawns, professionally-designed landscaping and plenty of spectacular dwellings with huge curb appeal, I admonished myself, “See, if only you had been more ‘successful’ like your brother is, you and your family could be enjoying the benefits of living in a neighborhood like this, too!”

I certainly wasn’t envious of my brother, just disappointed in myself for not having been able to better provide for my family.

Later that week, we also took my mother and sister to view each of my daughters’ new houses. While they are each wonderful, first-time-homeowner houses, something strange happened. I found myself longing for the spaciousness and comfort of my own home, the same home I had only recently diminished in my eyes!

I further realized that after a few months of familiarity with their elegant new home, even my brother and his wife may have desired an even nicer dwelling in an even more upscale community. As you had written,

The problem with wanting more is that it never stops, and most find that even when they get “the stuff,” it’s not what they thought in terms of real contentment.

How silly of me to be so concerned with something that really doesn’t matter! That thought was even punctuated by a comment my sister then made later during her visit: “I really like your house!” she said.

“Our brother’s house just seems so . . . dark.”

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Ted Janusz is both grateful to have Lisa Ryan as his friend, and is also a speaker on “Social Media for Baby Boomers” and “Networking Skills: Getting to Know You.”  Learn more about Ted at www.speakermatch.com/profile/TedJanusz.

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