I see my days for what they truly are, not one moment or fragment too soon

Lisa Ryan sunflower“I see now, that the moments and fragments of my life return to the soil, like the seeds of a flower. The bigger the day, the better the seed. I know that precious few will take root and grow into something lasting, but I see my days for what they truly are, not one moment or fragment too soon.” Markus Pierson

In October, 2012, I said my final goodbye on the phone to my ex-husband, Jeff.  After a long battle with pancreatic and liver cancer, Jeff decided he no longer wished to fight the disease.  Two weeks after our call, Jeff passed away.

Jeff was in my life for the past 34 years.  Although our marriage didn’t work out, we maintained our friendship.  We shared plenty of good and created a lot of fun memories together, and for all of this, I am grateful.

I’m also glad I had the opportunity to say everything I wanted to say to him on our call.  No regrets.  Nothing left unsaid.  I realize that not many people have the honor of this kind of expression, and I don’t take this blessing lightly.

Take a moment today to share, from your heart, your feelings about a loved one to them.  Don’t wait for the eulogy to express your feelings about a person; that individual needs to hear your words of affirmation while they still can.

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Words count.  You make a difference by what you choose to say every day.

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