Fix Your Eyes Forward on What You CAN Do

Lisa Ryan Chief Appreciation Strategist Grategy. grey catFix your eyes forward on what you can do, not back on what you cannot change.” Tom Clancy 

Because I was out of town for the Super Bowl, I decided to go to the hotel lounge and watch the game (mainly for the commercials).  I struck up a conversation with a guy named Brad, which led to the inevitable, “What do you do for a living” conversation. In our discussion, I learned a lot about Brad and his business philosophies.


When I told him I was a professional speaker, Brad replied, “Oh you’re one of THOSE.”  It only got worse when I shared with him that I talk about employee engagement, retention and recognition by creating a culture of appreciation in the workplace. Brad simply couldn’t understand why he should “thank people for doing their job.”  (Yes, he was one of THOSE people.)


Realizing that nothing I said in that conversation was going to make a lick of difference in Brad’s belief system, I let it go.  We moved onto different topics, making for an overall pleasant evening.


No matter how strong your beliefs, there are some people that no matter what you say, what you do, or how much you want them to “buy-in” to your ideas, they are NOT going to do it.  Sometimes you just have to get over it, move on and let it go. You’ll save your sanity, reduce your stress, and keep your relationships intact.


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