Becoming What We May Be

Lisa Ryan Grategy May be“We know what we are, but not what we may be.” William Shakespeare

You always remember your first job. I was a waitress at Coney Island at Randall Park Mall. It was not a great job, but I was 14 and they didn’t care that I was underage. (Plus, I wanted money to go shopping.) The food was bad, the tips were minimal, and management seemed to take glee in berating the staff in front of customers. Even at my tender age, I knew that this wasn’t where I wanted to be.

On a particular hectic Saturday afternoon, while the managers were yelling get the waitresses, the waitresses were slinging food at the customers, and the customers were vowing never to come back, I reached my tipping point (no pun intended). I walked out. The only other thing that I remember about that day is the owner of the restaurant following me up the escalator screaming at me and demanding when I would return my polyester brown, permanently smelly, waitress uniform. It was actually pretty funny, even back then.

Since that time, I have never taken a job in which I’ve had to “settle.” Not all of my jobs have worked out, or ended up being perfect for me, but they were fine at the time that I took them.

Are you doing what you love right now or are you settling for what’s been handed to you? It’s been said that nature abhors a vacuum, so when you create the space for what you want to do, letting something else go may be the order of the day.

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From Coney Island, to a career in sales, to an entrepreneur -it’s been an interesting ride. Is your path helping you discover who you are?

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