Appreciating the Journey of Life Lisa Ryan Grategy driving“We are so often caught up in our destination that we forget to appreciate the journey, especially the goodness of the people we meet on the way. Appreciation is a wonderful feeling, don’t overlook it.”  Author Unknown

Even when things are not going according to plan in our “ideal, perfect world,” we can still find time to be grateful.

This is a great story from Barb:  “When I woke up this morning, I was debating if I wanted to venture out to my spinning class after work.  There was a winter storm and the short drive to the gym was horrible.  There roads were an absolute mess.  I made it to the gym and the instructor was late because of the road conditions.  She told the class that even though she couldn’t see the lanes on the freeway, she did not want to cancel the class.  I thought that was so nice of her to do.  When I left the gym, the roads weren’t any better. I needed some groceries, so I stopped at the store on the way home.  I am so grateful for all the people that took care of me today.”

We have a choice when it comes to the way we react to our circumstances.  We can be mad we’re not getting any work done or we can relax and appreciate the warmth of our home.  We can complain about the class starting late, or be thankful that the instructor was conscientious enough to teach.  We can take out our frustration on the clerk about the driving conditions or we can wish her a safe journey home.

It’s up to you, it always is.

PS – Face it, there’s probably someone else having a lot worse day than you are right now.

PSS – Stuck in traffic?  Why not pop “How to be Grateful When You’d Rather be Grouchy” in the CD player?  Get it here.

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