Aiming to Do Right Yet Failing to Pull the Trigger Lisa Ryan grategy shooting an arrow“Most people aim to do right; they just fail to pull the trigger.”  Croft M. Pentz

Sometimes we get so caught up trying to do something “perfect,” that we don’t get anything done. When we realize that oftentimes “good” is good enough, we produce a lot more.

When I was in college, I was working on a team project with three other individuals.  Because I pride myself on my grammar and editing skills, I was put in charge of editing the final paper.  I read and re-read each and every word and every single paragraph.  (Note the redundancy, yep, that’s what I was doing.)  It was taking so long that one of my classmates asked me “Does ‘anal retentive’ have a hyphen in it?”  I didn’t know – and it drove me crazy. (Now that I’ve researched it, I have found it written both ways, I feel better now.)

In my current writing efforts, I create and let it go.  It’s more real when it’s a little “raw.” Granted, my goal is to produce a quality product, so I let an editor handle my books and I ask for feedback on my marketing materials. However, if I were to keep working on a project until it was “perfect,” nothing would ever come out.

What is it that you are in the process of doing that you can “stick a fork in it” and call it done?  Good is good enough.  Let the world see what you’ve got!

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