pexels fauxels 3184183“Each friend represents a world in us, a world possibly not born until they arrive, and it is only by this meeting that a new world is born.” Anais Nin

How do you cut a three-hour wait at a restaurant down to five minutes – and make new friends in the process? You ask with a smile and are grateful for the response.

In May of 2019 – when concerts were still being held, Scott and I had tickets to go see New Kids on the Block as part of the MixTape Tour. We decided to go to Wahlburger’s for dinner in the spirit of the event. Although we got downtown three hours before the concert, there was a three-hour wait for a table. Ugh! To add insult to injury, we had missed Donnie Wahlberg by about an hour, and he was taking selfies with all the fans while he was there. Bummer.

As we were about the leave the restaurant, we noticed two women that had just been seated at a table for four. Instead of passing up the opportunity, we asked if they were expecting other people to join them. They said “no.” So I asked, “So, if we buy your dinner, can my husband and I join you?” They enthusiastically answered “yes!”

We had a delightful evening with them. These were two people we would never have met or shared the NKOTB experience with unless we stepped out of our comfort zone and asked for what we wanted, in a way that would also benefit them. A win/win, that’s for sure! Not only that, we’ve connected on Facebook and plan to stay in touch!

This week, look for an opportunity to meet someone new. You never know the friendships that may form as a result of your effort.

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