Your Thanks is a Treasure Lisa Ryan grategy treasure chest“When you tell someone you appreciate them, you create a memory. When you write it down, you create a treasure.“  Lisa Ryan

One of my favorite exercises in my Grategy® workshop is to have everyone take a moment and think about who needs to hear from them.  They are then given a thank you note on which they have the opportunity to write to them and share specifically what they are grateful for about that person.

A few days after a program, I saw a woman who attended the session.  She said, “Lisa, I have to share with you what happened with your thank you note activity.”  She shared, “I wrote the note to my husband and had the letter sitting on the counter when he got home. He asked, ‘What’s this?’ and I answered, ‘Oh, just something I wrote to you.’  He picked up the letter and read it.  Then he slowly folded the letter and put it into his wallet.”

By taking a few minutes in sincere appreciation, she created a treasure.  So often we assume that those we love the most know how we feel about them.  Unfortunately, most people have failed “Mindreading 101.”  Let’s tell people how important they are to us, while they are still on the planet to hear it (or read it.)

Challenge yourself to write a thank you note to that one person that needs to hear from you.  If you’re not sure who you’re supposed to write to, ask yourself the question and listen to your inner guidance for the answer.  You’ll be surprised at how “right” he answer is.

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