Top Three Employee Engagement and Gratitude Articles for the week of August 14, 2015

Here are my favorite articles for the week on employee engagement and creating a culture of appreciation. Feel free to share your comments.

Establishing Structure To Engage Remote Employees by Victoria Vessella

( “Remote employees are self-managers who work well independently. However, regularly scheduled mandatory meetings can help to prevent feelings of isolation in these employees by creating routine and a place for face-to-face interaction. Meetings also help to keep employees from veering off track and forgetting that they are part of a larger team with common objectives.”

My Thoughts:  Working from home is great because you are on your own. Working from home is also NOT great, because you are on your own. By connecting to your remote employees through regular communication, you help them to feel like they are an integral part of the team.

Is HR good at helping staff manage their work relationships? by Greg Newman

( “HR teams, therefore, try to improve employee engagement by pinpointing influencers based on anecdotal evidence or word of mouth. This is, however, a hit-and-miss process, especially in large organisations. Today’s cynical employees are also unlikely to embrace overt attempts at workplace engagement.”

My Thoughts:  Metrics only go so far in determining engagement. Figuring out how to create relationships at work makes a more significant impact to the culture.

New research shows people now more important than cost when it comes to workplace strategies by Online Recruitment Resources News Archives

( “’If companies are looking to be able to attract and retain the best talent out there, they really need to start thinking about employee wellbeing and ways of measuring it from the very first day they start creating their workplace strategy”, says Karl Warmbold, Director of Facilities and Property at DWF.”’

My thoughts:  Employees spend the bulk of their day at work. By creating a more comfortable, homelike environment, companies get the benefit of higher productivity, collaboration and engagement.


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