There’s Treasure in the Written Word

Lisa Ryan Chief Appreciation Strategist at Grategy, treasure chest with jewels“When you tell someone you appreciate them, you create a beautiful memory.  When you write it down, you create a treasure.”  Lisa Ryan

When Beverly saw this quote in one of my emails, she shared, “You are so right about this!  After my mom passed away (my dad preceeded her by 8 years), I found a wonderful note of appreciation that he had written to her 20 years before that, which she had folded up and put in her wallet.  Dad was not an expressive person, so he probably never told her face-to-face how much he loved and appreciated her.  It was a beautiful note and well-worth keeping, so I have saved it for posterity! We forget how hungry all of us are for a few words of appreciation, especially from those closest to us.

I have several notes that I keep with me at all times in my wallet.  Two of them are from my amazing husband Scott.  One simply says, “Lisa, I love you!” Another note was one I found on the kitchen counter waiting for me the morning after the red carpet premier of my second movie, “The Gratitude Experiment.”  The note was scrawled with a Sharpie on a USGA notepad and read, “Lisa, I love you! Great evening last night! I’m proud of you!  xxoo Scott

Wherever I am in the world, I always have a piece of Scott lovingly tucked away with me.  These treasures mean the world to me, just as your notes will mean a lot to your loved ones.


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