“Laissez Les Bons Temps Rouler… C’est Vrai Quoi?” Guest Blogger Kelly Pavlovic

Lisa Ryan Grategy laughingcat“Laissez Les Bons Temps Rouler… C’est Vrai Quoi?”

Let the good times roll, dontcha think? Where have all those “good times” rolled, exactly? Why are so many of us not having fun anymore?  I look around and sometimes feel like “fun” has become a four-letter word that means, “not working hard enough.”  And it both saddens and frustrates me. Work and fun are not exclusionary. In fact, if you are not having fun doing what you do for a living, why are you doing it?

I understand this will bring many responses.

“I have to make money.”

“Work is called ‘work’ for a reason.”

“I do what I have to do.”

“Someday I’ll be able to do what I really enjoy, but for now, it’s about paying the bills.”

If any of the above describe you, I invite you to keep reading. I implore you to keep reading.

Get Happy, Stay Happy… HAVE FUN!

Having fun means being happy. So how do we “get” happy – and stay happy – so we can have fun? Here are 12 tips to start you rolling down your road to fun & happiness.

  1. Focus on the good.
    When good happens to you, for heaven’s sake… accept it! Acknowledge it and embrace it. Then begin to dream of everything wonderful that can – and will – happen.
  2. Do what you love.
    People who pursue their passion are amongst the happiest. Follow your bliss. Don’t know what that is yet? Read on to #3.
  3. Find your purpose.
    Those who know happiness, and have fun, know their true purpose in life. Don’t know what it is? Ask to be shown! Prayer, meditation, study… whatever the method, whatever your path to your higher power, ask for the knowledge you seek. You will be surprised how quickly it comes to you!
  4. Follow your instincts.
    Don’t fight what is meant to be. Stop struggling. Go with the flow. When you listen to your inner voice, andlearn to trust it, you will begin to relax and allow fun to happen in your life.
  5. Choose to be happy.
    Happiness is a choice. Too often this is not understood, or acknowledged. Make the choice and stick with it.
  6. Let go of old hurts and resentments.
    Hanging on to old baggage is not fun. Regardless of your opinion about forgive-and-forget, let the past drift away. It is done and gone. Leave it alone. Stay focused on the present in your thoughts and actions.
  7. Clear your social circle, build new if necessary.
    Have you ever heard the saying that your income is the average of your five closest friends? Well, so goes fun and happiness as well. Hanging around with sourpusses and negative people will keep you mired in negativity and destroy your chances to make life fun. Take a look at your surrounding circle, if there are changes to be made, make them.
  8. Surround yourself with happy people.
    This is a refinement of #7. Not only should you clear your circles of negative people… but then focus on filling that empty space with people who choose to be happy. You will begin to have fun almost instantly.
  9. Be flexible.
    The strongest structures in both nature and manmade bend with the wind. Allow yourself the flexibility to bend in the breezes of life. Let go of your need to control every last detail. You will be amazed at what opportunities for fun await you when you stay fluid.
  10. Simple pleasures brighten your world.
    “Stop to smell the roses.” How often do we rush by people and things because we are so focused on the end-goal? In doing so, we miss the simple pleasures of being human, having a worldly experience. Make time to chat with a stranger, stop long enough to feel the sun on your face, smell the wood fire smoke in the country on a winter day, hug your pets.
  11. Remember that your value comes from within, not from others’ judgment of you.
    Don’t listen to what “they” say. Others’ opinions are just that, theirs. Your self worth is your own responsibility, don’t shirk it. Be the who that you are. Change what you need to, keep what is good, let others mind their own business.
  12. Keep positive. Nurture hope.
    Above all, stay positive. Having fun means you keep hope alive – always anticipating the next adventure, the next treasure, the next opportunity. When you keep your thoughts on all the good things, more of those good things will begin to happen for you – and the more fun you will have, the happier you will be. 

I’ll say it again… Life is for living, loving, and laughing. A dear friend of mine says we have only this moment, and when it is spent, it is gone forever. He is so right. Live for today – yesterday is gone, and tomorrow has not yet happened. Make every moment count. Love, laugh, LIVE.

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©2014 Kelly Talking Heron Pavlovic

Visit Kelly Pavlovic’s Website here:  http://dreamsinspiredhere.com/

Known as The Persistence Pro, Kelly believes persistence is the key to achieving goals and making dreams come true. Kelly is an enthusiastic proponent of educated and informed clients. As a professional speaker, author, and consultant, she works with individuals and organizations to help them succeed. Her book, Keep Calm and Get Social is a strategic road map to content marketing. Kelly is a professional member of the National Speakers Association and serves on the Board of Directors for the Ohio chapter. As the owner of Feather & Stone Consulting, she brings POWERful solutions to today’s ever-changing digital marketing challenges. She is also the co-owner of Dreams Inspired Here, a personal development consultancy that integrates ancient native wisdom with modern solutions to educate people about how to make their dreams come true and to live a balanced life.[email protected]


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