Every opportunity has a difficulty, and every difficulty has an opportunity

Lisa Ryan and her dad “The difference between an obstacle and an opportunity is our attitude towards it. Every opportunity has a difficulty, and every difficulty has an opportunity.” J .Sidlo Baxter

“I see no reason why your dad can’t live on his own.”  When I heard this phrase uttered by the social worker who assessed my father, I experienced a wide range of emotions.  I was surprised, because it was not what I was expecting.  I was upset because I wasn’t sure it was right for him to do.  I was proud of my dad for working so hard to be able to go back home again.  I was afraid because I want to be able to keep my dad safe.  I was glad to see him so darn happy.  Most of all, I was confused – so many emotions to deal with, and no idea what was going to happen.  Ultimately, I had to find the opportunities for gratitude amidst so many obstacles.

I’m grateful for the Guardian Medical Alert system that my dad has to keep him safe.  I’m thankful for the automated medication dispenser gives him what he needs to stay healthy.  I appreciate my husband who was instrumental in helping me move dad back home (and cutting his lawn to boot.)  Most of all, I’m very glad I have a father that loves and appreciates me and our time together.

What obstacles are you facing in your life right now?  Take a moment and consider the good things that have happened as a result of a tough event in your life, and you’ll realize how blessed you are.  If you’re in the throes of a difficult situation right now, know that in time, it will be easier to find something to appreciate about the event.  In the meantime, pick just ONE THING you can be thankful for about it.

I appreciate you!

Have fun




Even if you’re grateful for “another day above ground,” it’s a start…


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