Engage is a VERB!

Lisa Ryan engage is a verb GrategyIt’s no secret that #employeeengagement is a hot topic these days. 📈 Every organization seems to have it on their to-do list. But let’s get real: Do employees really care about “employee engagement” itself? Nah. 😏 What they truly want is to feel engaged! ❤️

You see, for many organizations, “employee engagement” is often seen as yet another box to tick off on a long list of things management to-do’s so they can keep the company running smoothly and boost profits. 💼 But here’s the thing: Without genuine connections with your team members as individuals, all those efforts go down the drain. 🚫

When managers treat engagement as another fad, they set their employees up for failure. Trust me; it’s easy to spot disengaged employees—they’re the ones who put in minimal effort, dread coming to work, and can’t seem to get along with anyone. Your “#quietquitters” 🤫 may be doing just enough work to get by, but your disengaged employees are potentially costing you money – lots of it. 💸

But here’s the secret sauce: Engagement works when you treat it as a verb! Engaging is an action—a proactive process of forging #emotionalconnections with your employees. 🤝 It’s about making them feel seen as unique individuals and valued team members. When you take the time to share why your company’s vision, values, and purpose matter to THEM, magic happens. ✨ They become passionate contributors, innovative problem solvers, and collaborative superstars. 🌟

Now, let’s talk about spotting those sneaky signs of disengagement. Some are pretty obvious—like absenteeism, apathy, and bad attitudes. But others require a keen eye. Here are a few red flags to keep in mind:

  • Lack of Initiative: If your employees aren’t going the extra mile, it’s a telltale sign of disengagement. Challenge them and give them opportunities to shine. 💡
  • Unhealthy Habits: Keep an eye on employees who rely on smoke breaks, junk food, or endless coffee runs. They might be trying to fill a void in their personal or professional lives. ☕🍩
  • Silence: When the office becomes eerily quiet, with no small talk or celebration of wins, it signifies engagement trouble. 🤐
  • Lack of Learning: If your employees stop showing interest in learning and growing, that’s a major disengagement warning. 📚

Here’s the deal: It starts from the top if you want engaged employees. Leaders must genuinely care about their people—see them as individuals before employees—and figure out how to support them. 🙌 If an organization truly wants everyone to thrive and achieve their goals, creating a positive workplace and an amazing employee experience should be at the top of its priority list. 🎯

So, how can managers connect with their employees and ignite that engagement fire? 🔥

  • Ask Questions: Get curious! Find out what motivates each employee, what they want from their job, and their dreams and goals in their personal lives. Take the time to get to know them. 🧐
  • Ask for Ideas: Your employees want to be taken seriously. Encourage them to share their suggestions and actually act on them. 📝
  • Provide Feedback: Feedback isn’t always rainbows and butterflies. Employees crave honest feedback—it helps them gauge their performance and allows them to grow. 🌈

With disengagement wreaking havoc in workplaces across America, we can’t afford to turn a blind eye. 🚨 Take a moment to evaluate your current engagement levels and take the necessary steps to improve things.

Let’s shift the conversation from “employee engagement” to real, meaningful connection. Together, we can create workplaces where individuals feel valued, inspired, and ready to conquer the world! 🌍🚀


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