Appreciation Can Make a Day or Change a Life

Lisa Ryan Grategy flowers“Appreciation can make a day, even change a life. Your willingness to put it into words is all that is necessary.” Margaret Cousins

During my longer workshops, participants have the opportunity to write a thank you note of appreciation to someone special.  During this activity a beautiful energy that fills the room – tears, smiles, and feelings of joy are palpable.

A few days later I ran into one of that program’s attendees, Karen.  She said, “I need to let you know what happened….”

Karen explained, “I wrote the letter to my husband and left it on the kitchen counter.  When he came home from work, he saw the envelope and asked, ‘What’s this?’ I told him, ‘Just something I wrote you.’  He picked it up, read it, and then very carefully put it into his wallet.”

Karen created a treasure with that note. Not only did she give her husband physical evidence that she loved and appreciated him, she gifted him with something he could go back and read any time he wanted and be uplifted by her sentiment.  Since then, they share notes on a regular basis and their marriage is stronger than ever.

It’s important that we don’t assume that our loved ones know how much we care.  (You know what they say about what happens with you assume, right? – You make an A$$ out of U and ME.)  By putting your thoughts into writing, you’re creating a treasure that the recipient will never throw away.  Make a point to write one note today – you’ll be glad you did!

PS – As my friend Jacci said, “Life may come at you fast – but what can you do to get past the curveballs of life?  Choose gratitude.”

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