The Ladder of Life

Kitty on a ladder
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“The rung of a ladder was never meant to rest upon, but only to hold a man’s foot long enough to enable him to put the other somewhat higher.” Thomas Henry Huxley

After my brother graduated from college with an accounting degree, he opened an eyeglass store with a partner. They had an ophthalmologist working for them and business was booming. My brother was intrigued with the thought of becoming an eye doctor, so he started to pursue a degree in medicine. He was unable to get accepted into ophthalmology program, no matter how hard he tried. Yet he didn’t give up. He had the opportunity to shadow a friend whowas a podiatrist so he could explore what that field was like. He loved it, pursued it, effortlessly got into a program, graduated, and after years of hard work is now a partner in asuccessful surgical practice.

At any time during these events, my brother could have gotten comfortable and led a pretty good life. The eyeglass store was doing well – why do anything else? He couldn’t get into ophthalmology school –why not use his accounting degree instead? Each time he “failed,” he made the decision to climb the next rung on the ladder, challenging himself every step of the way.

Are you hanging out on the ladder of comfort? What can you do today to move yourself to the next rung? Our journey on the ladder of life will never be finished. It’s the climbing that is the fun part of the journey.

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Sometimes our hand slips and we fall down a few rungs, it’s all good. It makes us that much stronger when we continue to climb and see what lies ahead.

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