The Imponderably Valuable Gift of Time

Lisa Ryan - time“Since time is the one immaterial object which we cannot influence–neither speed up nor slow down, add to nor diminish–it is an imponderably valuable gift.”  Maya Angelou

Did you ever notice that the message you’re supposed to get will be repeated until it is actually heard and obeyed? Lately, it seems that everything that I’ve been listening to or reading has had to do with slowing down and enjoying life.  Today, I am grateful that I am still here to keep sharing these messages.

On a recent trip to the Detroit Metropolitan airport, I was listening to an audio series by Steve Gilliland, one of my favorite people in the National Speakers Association.  As I was finishing up his CD program called “Enjoy the Ride,” I was looking for where I could park my car.  Paying more attention to the signs than to oncoming traffic, I missed being t-boned by a semi by about 2 seconds.  I am grateful for peripheral vision, quick reflexes and most of all, working brakes on my car.

I keep thinking about what would have happened if any of those three things had not happened and I shudder to think about the consequences that I avoided.  I feel blessed and very, very relieved!

When life hands you a blessing, don’t take it for granted.  Pay attention to what is going on right now, at this very second in your life.  So often we focus all of our attention on our ultimate destination instead of taking the time to be present and live NOW.  Just for today, don’t live your life for next year, next week or even 30 minutes from now.  Experience each and every moment as it happens and be grateful for this gift. After all, isn’t that why they call it the present?

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PS – Right now, feel the chair you are sitting on and be thankful for the ability to sit up and read.  Take a deep breath and experience the pleasure of the automatic relaxation response you give yourself from the extra oxygen.  Shrug your shoulders up as close to your ears as you can and let them fall.  Feel better now?

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