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Jon petz on Lisa Ryan's website Grategy“Calling one’s work theatre, treating it accordingly, and developing the capability to influence perceptions through performance separates the magical from the mundane.” Joseph Pine II and James H. Gilmore

When Jon Petz bounds to the stage for a keynote presentation, he commands the audience’s attention and in the end, captures their hearts. I had the opportunity to share the program with Jon at a SHRM state conference and was in awe of his talent as a magician, his humor as a comedian and the real-world lessons he teaches for the workplace.

After delivering an astounding performance, Jon recounted a story about a young boy whose dying wish was to see a magician perform.  Since David Copperfield was not available, the hospital staff contacted Jon. Jon initially viewed this as just another performance, but shared a story with us that was so extraordinary, you’ll have to get his new book, “Significance in Simple Moments,” ( to read all about it.

The point is, we don’t know when a mundane event will turn into a magical experience. By saying “yes” and delivering the very best we have to give, no matter what the circumstances, we make a difference and transform lives – ours and theirs.

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