A Consistent Gratitude Practice

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The Gratitude Journal – a Powerful Practice

“When you are consistent with your gratitude practice, you will see positive, powerful results.” Lisa Ryan

In October of 2009, I started keeping a gratitude journal. Every day I wrote down 3-5 things for which I was grateful. Overtime, it became a habit. It takes 66 days for form a habit – and the routine of a daily practice of gratitude is no exception. (Yes, I used to think it was 21 days too, until I discovered the research that found it was actually 66 days.)

I have to confess, sometimes life just gets in the way and my gratitude practice goes on hiatus. The thing is, I KNOW what I’m supposed to be doing, and then I don’t do it. Not surprisingly, my life doesn’twork as well when I get away from my few minutes in daily appreciation – I get irritated easily, I feel overwhelmed, and I question myself about the path I have chosen. However, the instant I get back at it, everything gets better.

Are you someone who used to keep a gratitude journal but got away from it?  Remember back to the time that you were spending those precious moments in thankfulness. I’ll bet your memories are good ones. Why not take some time right now and write down three things you are glad to have in your life. Feel better? I thought so.

Have fun,

Gratitude is a PRACTICE, so you don’t have to be PERFECT. Do what you can, with what you have, where you are.

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